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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is wednesday february 22nd, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, let's check weather and traffic, i stopped and put on a scarf this morning, am i going to need it? >> well it might be cool for some, but overnight temperatures will start to warm up, high pressure is punching into the northern part of the state, except for a few high clouds, temperatures are in the mid-70s, here is sal. southbound 101 as you approach the 580 interchange, that traffic is moving along
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well. we are starting off well on all the bridges but the caution light is out because they are changing the configuration so give them a little bit of a break, it is 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. we are following breaking news, an early morning fire breaks out and at least four people have to find a new place to live. firefighters know exactly how this fire started, chris attain? no no mystery as to how this fire started but all four residents made it out safely. you can see fire crews are still working inside the building to mixture there is no flare-up. this fire got going early this morning and i spoke with the battalion chief who said one of
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the residents tipped over an oil lamp. he attempted to put the fire out himself but it got ahead of him and burned his apartment unfortunately. he got out and told the residents there was a fire, it all worked out for the residents and it didn't spread to any adjacent buildings or apartments. >> clearly the residents are very attuned to this. >> reporter: we are hearing the owner is coming to see what is left of the pulling and coming out for a live look, crews are going and pg&e crews are on the scene and they are trying reroute power in the area
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because clearly once this building is on fire and once there is fire damage it can affect power in the area. at this point it is more of a clean up operation, she said she was leaving the scene simply because there was no mystery and again a resident who was trying to make a midnight snack tipped over an oil lamp and all of them will be receiving services from red cross. another fire is burning in berkeley and at first when firefighters rushed to the scene they saw a plane sticking out of the roof. >> well there was a bit of confusion when they first got here. >> reporter: all four people escaped unhurt. we will show you why there was confusing.
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there is a couple of houses and an art gallery, it looks like a small plane is coming up out of the roof but it was actually a sculpture coming out of the roof. fire department says this fire seems to have started in the yard outside between the two homes where the property owner says he does metal sculpture work. he described what happened after he woke up and what the flames looked like. >> it was going well but it was right next to a fire box where i kept things and it was outside of the range of fire and just before i left i could start to hear things pop so it
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probably blew up. >> the owner told me a short time ago he believes this fire was intentionally started. he heard the doorbell rang, answered the door but nobody was there. they have no reason to believe this was arson. they are still investigating the cause of the fire. two people will be getting help, sal legs savage ktvu channel 2 morning news -- alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. two toll collectors have been robbed at gunpoint on the bridge. so far nobody has been hurt but the hold ups are making main
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bridge commuters nervous. lorraine blanco has more later on. just before 7:00 last night, officers received numerous calls. when they arrived they found the area littered with shell casings. they also found a man in his 20s who had been shot. and in oakland, after he was shot he returned home at 6:30 last night. the gunman approached them and demanded money with their truck. she escaped while clutching her young daughter. >> i went inside the house and i i had the shot. >> the victim suffered a gunshot wound and the armed robber is described as 17 years of age. a police officer has been cleared in the shooting of a
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knife-wielding homeless man last year. a have your video shows him throwing a knife. hill was high on methamphetamine and synthetic particular marijuana at the time. that officer acted in self- defense when he shot hill. the consumer watchdog agency is launching an freaks dasheen investigation and they want to know about these thieves. tim geithner will spell out details of a new plan from the obama administration to cut the corporate tax rate. president barack obama wants to cut it from 38% to 28% in exchange for ending dozens of
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loopholes. would would take more and the congress will need congressional action. a new fine against pg&e about record keeping has been restored. they missed handing over key documents and the penalty fine has been on hold since they thought it would hamper regulators' power. the fine amounts are just a lap on the wrist still they are finding more. the municipal tragedy is not far out of balance as they thought. the deficit will be less than $20 million which givens in july. this is a little more than half but it may still loose a gap.
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expanding parking metering hours are a real possibility to try to close that deficit. >> we have a power outage in san francisco and two firefighters, right? >> yes, the power outage apparently failed and the fire department put the fire out brickly -- berkeley and 2300 customers say the power should be restored which is 20 minutes from now according to pain page. westbound traffic is looking good, no major problems there. didn't we will be watching metering lights if in teeth they come on and of course that didn't happen. they are off to a nice
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start through the valley. let's go to steve. mt. deablow 60 and i have seen 25 and at the surface livermore and everybody else is staying calm right now, that will give us a warmer pattern and what was one of the few most locations are already at 3. 73 concord, 71 san house. it was only 65 yesterday. 40 napa, calm, 62 in livermore gusting to 16 miles per hour and everybody else is mostly on the calm category. a lot of 4 s san rafael is close at 48 but that's a big drop for in a. they get a wind
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pick up on the east side of that area and high pressure will continue to deflect everything to the north jetstream has been on vacation mainly along the coast as well, but this is an easterly breeze and we are starting to see low- to-mid 70s. i don't think we will set any records. we will still be way above average for this time of year. windy and warm on thursday, it will be the warmest day of the week and a cool down takes us into the weekend, pam, dave? a lawsuit fired against the san mateo coroner's office, why one family claims the body of
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their loved one was mishandled. you might be surprised to hear how often it has occurred. traffic looks good, san rafael right through the central san rafael area, traffic looks good, we will have more on traffic and weather coming up. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ]
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. a woman is out of the hospital where a bullet came from mexico. she was pushing her daughter in a stroller. customs heard the gunshot and it's believed the bullet traveled 1500 yards and hit the woman in the leg. her child was not injured. and gunshots from mexico have hit the el paso city hall. it happened during shelling. there is a video of her there. there she is and she had lost one of her eyes during an ambush back in 2001 and kept wrapping on war zones around the world. residents are now living in underground bunkers but they
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are quickly running out of food and water. the watchdog will kickoff an investigation into the overdraft fees charged by big banks. as allison burns reports, banks want to know if they are setting you up to pay more fees, allison? it happens every time your account goes into the red and banks are making millions. they are using tricks to get extra money from you. today the consumer protection bureau is investigating several of those alleged tricks and it is banks largest transactions first and whether they are deliberately confusing customers about how the fees are charged. we recently sat down with the head of the new agency for an interview. >> our focus is holding people
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accountable and making sure people play by the rules. we will look at those who are getting hit hardest by the overdraft fees, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 5:16 a preliminary ruling by the coroners. the couple is claiming negligence. they say they allowed an ambulance company to remove and dissect their son's brain after he died in a car crash. the coroner said it was following a subpoena to turn over brain tissue which was also sued by the parents. there is a new study out suggesting women are more likely than men to experience chest discomfort and this men especially if they are over the age of 5. women with no chest pain were more likely to die
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than their male counterparts. this study is from the american medical association. he died yesterday of a heart attack at a redwood city hospital. it was his 66th birthday. he helped to guide him when the future star was growing up on the peninsular. martin flew there -- martinez flew there to help tom brady and he ended up with his 5th super bowl appearance. >> tom brady spoke about how he always loved him. >> we will check back with sal about that power outage in san francisco, what do you know? >> i do know more, it was a transformer in dubos and one of our customers was without power
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and on the facebook page, john said his power was out and now the lights are back on at south van nuys and mission so if you want to give us an update, i'm not sure how he had power but it was obviously with a mobile phone but thank you john. let's look at the bridge, westbound 80 as you head to the brim, this is a look at the car keen necessary -- a look at the bridge and the morning drive looks good. interstate 808 in oakland, -- 880 in oakland that traffic looks nice and traffic continues to look good all the way down. let's talk about the richmond commute, richmond to oakland, that traffic looks good >> >> it looks good and except it is february and we need some rain and no sign of that
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happening. a big bend in the clouds are pushing in to extreme northern california. and we had the fog yesterday which was really tough to burn off. we had a few upper 60s to lower 70s and now the wind is showing signs of cranking up in the east bay hill but the wind advisory does not start until 4:00 a.m. gusts are at 60 in mt. deablow, and this will be 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. we are expecting east bay hills mainly they take the brunt of it. even with that easterly breeze temperatures are on their way up. santa rosa hit 70s. if you get a northerly wind it will be warmer than this. 62 in the city. 71 san jose. it was only 75 yesterday. livermore 62, napa at the airport calm conditions and
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most locations are in the calm category. there is not much of a breeze yet. large and in charge high pressure and nothing will come up when something comes up in sierra nevada probably more of a westerly breeze than northeast but the jetstream has been missing for a long, long time for us. windy already up in the hills so that is an easterly breeze, oakland emoryville over to the coast, temperatures on the upper 6 -- in the up eastern 60s low 70s. 72 for san rafael, 72 for downtown oakland, mountain view, -- mountain view, i mean they are sitting at 62 now. breezy and warm. a little cooler friday and a cool down on the weekend, pam,
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dave? trading this morning as investors continue to debate whether the latest will be enough to solve its two-year- old debt crisis. asian markets, japan's nikkei closed up at its highest level in six months. they are likely to boost exports and there are new signs china could ease its monetary policy. checking in on our market, dow jones industrial average slightly lower opening at this point the dow jones industrial average nasdaq s&p 500 posted small but little moves yesterday. a real scare at a concord elementary school pepper spray ended up in the wrong hands, we will tell you about it. mardi gras, we will tell you why it is the way to go.
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um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the all-new subaru impreza®. ♪ experience love that lasts. . it was after a student used pepper spray during recess. the incident happened yesterday and according to the contra coster times an 11-year-old sprayed pepper spray near two
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other classmates. as a precaution they were taken to the medical center and parents came to pick up their children. they say it appears to be accidental. more will come out later today, however police are indicating only moderate crowds came out and there were no major problems downtown. there were 70 extra police officers. they cracked down on fat tuesday revvillers after several stabbings and riots in 2001. >> we get along with them they get along with us. >> now there were 26 fat tuesday arrests last year, in fact fat tuesday represents a feast before fasting. today by the way is ash wednesday signifying the
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beginning of lent. well the party is also over this morning in new orleans. thousands of people packed the french quarter, look at this, this is wednesday night. they were busy investigating both a stabbing and shooting back there. it represents a feast before fasting and as i told you earlier, the start of lent began today. well it is the final hearing in the sheriff ross mirkarimi case before trial. what lawyers will not say what happened today. and two toll booth collectors were robbed in the last week. we will tell you what investigators are looking at to try to catch the suspect. >> take a close look at that, the tail of a plane sticking out of the roof, why this was not as bad as it seemed. good morning metering
5:28 am
lights were put on, why we will find out? í
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. good morning, it is the middle of the week, february 22nd, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, steve, i am feeling allergies. >> yes, very windy, so far not
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too bad at the surface but everything continues to go up and over and temperatures are on their way up, here is sal. no major problems heading out to the high-rise also the commute looks good if you are driving on the san rafael in and out of marin county, let's go back to dave and pam. an art gallery caught fire in berkeley and alex savage is at the scene to explain why a piece of art made the situation look much worse. >> reporter: there was confusion when the crews got here this morning and the fire broke out across the street from us. there were two homes and an art gallery where they make metal sculptures. it appears to be an airplane tail sticking out of the roof
5:32 am
but this was not a crash, just artwork. the assistant fire chief said there really was not much confusion. >> very quickly you were able to see the scale, but we were baffled for a moment and we were able to see it was fake. >> reporter: four people who live on the property got out safely. some of them are getting help from the red cross. i did speak a short time ago with the owner who owns the art gallery and he thinks this fire was potentially suspicious because it started in a locked area of his yard. they can't confirm that and they are still working on an exact cause. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> red cross is helping four
5:33 am
people find a place to stay following an early morning fire in oakland. it happened at 4:00 a.m. a residents tipped over an oil lamp while making a snack. curtains caught fire. the resident tried to put the flames out himself. luckily everybody escaped safely and nobody was hurt. firefighters are on the scene monitoring for hot spots. >> crews are on the scene of a transformer fire in san francisco. this is a live picture we are showing you, this is on valencia and debows. how about that for a close-up. you can see where all the smoke was coming from. the power outage is affecting 2300 pg&e customers. you can see what we see and again fire crews are on the scene and stay tuned. sal will be here and give you all the details of what is going on.
5:34 am
in the meantime toll collectors are on alert this morning after two robberies on the bridge. lore rang belongco joan willing us to tell us how police will catch who is responsible. >> reporter: good morning. california police released a lot of information about these two robberies in just the last week but every toll on this bridge has a surveillance camera so there is a good chance they have some helpful footage. california highway patrol says they have some good leads but they will not say what they collected on the suspect's vehicle. they were robbed three times in october and december of last year. one computer tells us unfortunately they are targets. >> there is nobody there, highway patrol is barely there. >> reporter: in 2009 two people
5:35 am
were shot and killed on the richmond san rafael bridge and at that time they demanded better security. they will not say if they increased security and they will not say much about the crime because they don't want to encourage copy cats. in vallejo area. they are warning everyone with parents of young children. a suspicious man tried to lure two children into his struck on lakeshore boulevard late saturday afternoon. here is a picture of that struck that police put out for you to see. it is a 1960 olive green canvas top and parents are being told to be on alert. he returns before friday's trial and today would likely be
5:36 am
a day to avoid a costly trial. prosecutors and defense lawyers say they are eager to present their case to the jury, but there appears to be little hope of a last minute deal, but both sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife have denied their charges. and it is a man accused of beating to death a berkeley hills homeowner. door dan dewitt killed them saturday night. they released a timeline in an effort to defend their response. they were called to report a trespasser on his property. at the same time patrols were monitoring occupied protest and did not answer the trespassing
5:37 am
call. and at 9:02 the homeowner's wife report answer attack in progress. officers were dispatched within minutes of that call. more on internet services being transmitted causing an airwaves crunch. >> they may run out of spice on the wireless pick rent it. -- spectrum. otherwise tablet users and other phones will notice drops in speeds and other downgraded service. they are adding $2,500 to a reward fund to catch the people who damaged an elementary school. they shattered windows and
5:38 am
threw paint on the school. it could take up to a half million dollars to repair. they have no suspects in this case. they relegalled the total reward. they will be there to answer questions from the students about science. remember last december one of their experiments showed a canon ball flying through a dublin neighborhood. two homes and a car were damaged, luckily nobody was hurt. they are working mattly into the night that left a huge sinkhole in lafayette. take a look at that, a mother and driver was going around selling girl scout hook kiss.
5:39 am
the water-main ruptured just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon. water service was shut down before lynch last night allowing crews to make repairs. >> and you have it. >> it is just outside the mission district and castro district, we want to let you know they are still tending to it and debows closed between mission and howard so try to avoid the area. let's go to interstate 880 in oakland traffic is moving along nicely and the morning commute is okay on the vallejo to richmond, also it go to steve. high pressure will be our fair weather friend and see how
5:40 am
the clouds are pushing east, that is a mountain of high pressure which is building in, not an mt. everest but it will give us warmer temperatures. people have very short-term weather memories, cloudy cool upper 50s, fog stuck around a little bit some locations low and that will not be the case today. warming trend started out and it does look like a little cool down starts on friday. windy and 2:00 a.m. 54 and currently 61 miles per hour and currently nobody is up there but that's a sign of things to come also into tomorrow. that is an easterly and northeasterly breeze so the wind advisory kicks in tomorrow morning. and below you get an oakland
5:41 am
look. but the range looked like the bruneau the of this. 'easily price that is a big difference for oakland and san francisco. there will be a big cool down and everything does to the north so mostly sunny not so much at the it 72 san francisco 66 warm degrees, we are getting into the mid-70s from livermore to morgan hill gilroy los gatos san jose, even warmer on thursday if we set records it will be tomorrow. friday looks okay but a little cooler than a cool down on the
5:42 am
weekend. all right, 5:41 is the time now it could be the first weight loss drug to be approved in 13 years. and nuclear inspectors left iran abandoning their mission there. good morning traffic is crossing 80 we tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. welcome back, good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are
5:45 am
following at 5:44 a berkeley home and art gallery caught fire just hours ago. look at the top of your screen. a plane is sticking out of the roof. it was a piece of art that had nothing to do with the fire and we can tell you no injuries were reported. bay area toll collectors are on alert after some bold robberies on the carquinez bridge. two toll collectors have been robbed in the past week but nobody has been hurt. and the consumer watchdog agency is launching an investigation into costly overdraft fees into banks. they will look into how the banks charge those fees which earn them billions of dollars each year. they have now left iran saying their mission was a
5:46 am
failure. iranian officials will not interview the scientists and they have barred the inspectors from visiting a military complex suspected of being a secret weapons testing facility. at least three people are dead after police use gun fire. now the area is on lockdown and they have been hurt in similar protests. demonstrators are angry and several muslim holy books including the koran were burned on a u.s. military base and the u.s. government has apologized and promised to investigate why those holy books were burned. tonight they have their last debate before the super tuesday primaries coming up on march 6th tonight debate takes place which has its primary
5:47 am
along in michigan. more importantly this is the last chance they have to make an impression in ten states on super tuesday. rick santorum was expected to be the target of attacks with the other three candidates. the latest national poll shows them in a virtual tie. they find 33% of republicans said they would most like to see -- most likely see rick santorum. polls show president barack obama with 50% support when matched with each of the other republican candidates. a virtual prescription diet pill made right here in the bay area. the drug was already rejected in 2010 because of concerns about heart problems and birth
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defects. since then the problems have not been addressed but the risks of obesity override it. it could be the first weight loss pill to be approved by the fda in 13 years. they are investigating a murder/suicide at the utility district and they were not smud employees but they were holding some kind of meeting there last night. there was an argument between the two and the shooter was -- shooter was in his early '70ss. the gunman also fired shots but missed a woman. the operator of a medical marijuana dispresence are you was or -- dispensary was arrested. customers were temporarily detained while a warmth was executed.
5:49 am
the man was reportedly arrested on three counts of selling marijuana and they announced a crock down on businesses last fall. how are we looking so far. >> i am looking at this there is a former update -- at this traps former update -- transformer update and i have been in that store before but i don't remember the name of it. this transformer was on fire. pg&e was working on it along with the fire department and some customers were without power. we actually got a facebook page. well the streets will be closed for a while and christian is on the scene and telling us about this fire. highway 4, bay point, the traffic is moving a long well getting up to the willow pass
5:50 am
grade, no major problems heading south and the metering lights will be watched, when traffic gets busy, we'll see if they are working properly and we have a huge backup, let's go to steve. good morning, very good morning, except for the napa airport, most locations in 30s and 40s except for livermore is at 32. high pressure is building in today and tomorrow and also the wind is cranking up. santa rosa did hit 70 yesterday. the record in santa rosa was 77. if they get enough of a north wind it is possible. 73 in concord, yesterday 67 and 71 in san jose they were only 75 yesterday but the wind is beginning to crank up, 48 and
5:51 am
54. now it is 61 miles per hour and hens a weather advisory and that will kick in tomorrow morning so it is mainly for thursday. east bay hills there are still gusts up to 25 in the santa cruz mountains and there is the 39 in napa and 62 in livermore. 40s for many, very mild, i heard from a call, very mild conditions and temperatures will be mild to warm in the city, everything is going up and over except for a few high clouds, i am really trying to find it but i just don't see it, windy and warm, not too bad at the surface, 70s for many today, concord, pleasant hill, santa rosa, temperatures will just be on the mild side well above average this time of year
5:52 am
windy and warm into thursday if we set records it is better and friday looks better and a cool down takes us into the weekend. a lawsuit was brought by a chinese tech company which says they own the rights to the ipad name. they accused apple of infringing and they want all sales of apple i-pad. preview never transferred the rights it had agreed to. an immediate decision is not accepted in that case. they hope to raise $2 billion by raising stock to the public. they want to build a new plant in mexico as well as projects in mexico and southeast asia. it is now set to post the 4th straight annual net loss and mazda it the hardest hit because it experts 90% of all the vehicles it makes. and a new study shows americans
5:53 am
keeping their cars longer than ever. people buying new cars are holding on an average of six years and that's two years longer than they kept them in 2003 and they are willing to make payments because of the uncertainty in the job market. a mother is arrested, what she is accused of doing to try and help her teenage son. who gets to park their boat where. over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year
5:54 am
with flu complications. lysol disinfectant spray is approved to kill over 50 germs on surfaces. this includes cold and flu viruses. so we recommend using lysol every day.
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. she is suspected of attempted murder. they say her 13-year-old son stabbed a 13-year-old boy and she drove him away afterwards. they say the attack was gang related and police are still looking for another suspect. san francisco's park and recreation department will consider new rules for boats. one idea is to end the long time practice for boat owners to sell their boats to the highest bidder. those boats now go for top
5:57 am
dollar and some buyers are more interested in getting a birth instead of a boat. and it includes fixing up crumbling peers in exchange -- piers in exchange and if they look to see how much money they stand to make when yacht races begin. yacht races will give a big economic boost to the economy. >> let's check in with sal. we are watching a lot of commutes in the south bay getting up into the valley, so far so good, a lot of people have been getting on the road earlier and earlier and right now traffic looks good on 101. 5:57 let's go back to the desk. developing news in san
5:58 am
francisco, a france former -- transformer fire, this means thousands of people have no electricity we will bring you an live update. and good morning, temperatures anywhere from upper 50s and lower 60s but we will have a lot of 70s today and we will take a look at those coming up.
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